Acro Quick-Change Rear Axle

4-Bolt Quick-Change Rear Axle 5-Bolt Quick-Change Rear Axle

The Acro quick-change rear end is designed with an open axle shaft of either high-strength aluminum or heat-treated steel. This axle is driven by a ring and pinion gear set mounted in a cast aluminum housing. The back section contains the quick-change gears. The housing may be located anywhere on the axle anywhere between the chassis carrier bearings according to your installation requirements.

A standard axle is 45" long, with the ring gear housing located 2" to the left of the axle center, so that 2012" of the axle is on the left and 2412" is on the right. As stated, special locations are available.

Change gears are located in the rear of the housing and are easily accessed by the removal of a cover plate. Many ratios are available using the same ring and pinion; see charts with each rear end.

The lower shaft transmits power to the change gears at the rear of the housing. The cable-controlled internal shifter acts as an in-out clutch.

We can supply rear hubs with standard 4-bolt or 6-bolt patterns. Wheel centers are also available for splined axles. Several brake kits are available for easy bolt-on installation.

Splined Hub

Rear end assemblies are available with a steel axle, keyed aluminum axle, or splined aluminum axle in sizes from 114" to 134" diameter.

Conversion Kits for Rear End

Any Acro rear end can be converted to a different style, retaining many existing parts.

To convert from a steel axle to an aluminum axle: Includes aluminum axle, aluminum ring gear carrier, adjustable aluminum hubs, chassis carrier bearings, misc. hardware.

To convert from a 3-bolt center housing to a 4-bolt internal shifter: Includes center section, rear cap, lower shaft, shifting parts, misc. hardware.